An SOP for land acquisition can help the company to understand what steps they need to take in order to get the land they want. The procedure should outline how and when a company should start looking for land, what are the different types of options available, and who will be responsible for each step.


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5/4/20234 min read

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a document that outlines the standard steps to be followed in a given process.

An SOP for land acquisition can help the company to understand what steps they need to take in order to get the land they want. The procedure should outline how and when a company should start looking for land, what are the different types of options available, and who will be responsible for each step.

A land aggregator is a company that buys land, develops it and sells it to customers. The process of buying land, developing and selling it to customers can be challenging.

There are many factors that go into the decision of whether a piece of land is suitable for development. The suitability of the land will depend on a number of factors like topography, ownership and availability, feasibility of project etc.

This article will discuss some important points about sourcing suitable land aggregators in India with respect to feasibility of project.

Sourcing Suitable Land Aggregators.

There are many companies in the business of land aggregation. When you are looking for a good land aggregator, it is important to find out about their experience and the kind of projects they have done.

This section will help you learn more about land aggregators, what they do and how you can find them. What are land aggregators and what do they do?Land aggregators are companies that buy large tracts of land with the intention of offering it to developers under one package.

They purchase land in bulk, often at discounts that are unavailable to individual buyers, and then offer it for sale as a single parcel. They acquire the land from a variety of sources, including government entities, farmers who don't want to sell or let their land go unused, individuals with tracts that are too large for them to build on, developers who get itchy feet during the course of building their project and need more land or individuals who can't find buyers for their plots. Land aggregators also sometimes buy existing development entitlements (e.g., allocations under state zoning laws) and then re-sell those entitlements to developers. Although similar in concept to a land bank, an aggregator can also exist as a real estate firm that organizes large tracts of land into parcels for sale or lease to speculators.

Analysis of Land with respect to business feasibility of Project.

Based on the needs of a company project or business requirement, land parcels are analyzed based upon their location, size, and shape. The neighbouring population and proximity to businesses show that this land is ideally suited to commercial, retail, and industrial projects. As the population grows, these types of businesses are more likely to be in demand. In terms of infrastructure, the location is connected by bus and rail to both downtown Metro connectivity and Domestic & International Airport. It should have access to municipal water, sewers, and a sewage treatment plant. The site is surrounded by mostly undeveloped green space. The topography should be flat, with no noticeable elevation changes.

Topographical Survey of Land. Understanding of Google Based land survey.

A topographical survey is a map of the terrain, showing all the physical features such as hills, valleys, buildings and roads. It also shows natural features such as rivers, lakes and forests and any man-made features such as fences or walls. A topographical survey can be done by either flying a plane or an aerial survey, or by using a satellite to map the terrain.

Aerial survey is the technique of surveying and mapping an area by means of surveying from an aircraft. The first use of this technique was over land from hot air balloons, but nowadays it is mainly done with airplanes that are equipped with modern cameras, laser scanners and GPS receivers that allow for the direct transmission and processing of data. It can also be done by helicopter or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drone or other types of aircraft.

Aerial surveys are used to assess damage to crops and infrastructure, monitor wildlife, assess forest damage, identify illegal logging and poachers' activities. Aerial photography is a method of taking photographs from an elevated or remote location. The pictures show a perspective that would be difficult or impossible to achieve by ground-level observation alone. Aerial photography should not be confused with air photography that refers to aerial images created by the camera lens of an aircraft without leaving the ground; this kind of imagery may also be called aero photography.

The surveyor is usually the person who conducts a topographical survey. They are trained in mathematics, geography, engineering and other disciplines necessary to carry out this work efficiently. The surveyor needs to be able to work with maps and be able to read measurements from instruments. such as the transit, levelling rod and theodolite. The surveyor uses a transit to see the project from different angles. This is a device that is used to measure distance, elevation and azimuth. They use levelling rods to create a level surface. Theodolites are instruments used for measuring angles and levels above ground or below ground.

Conclusion: Use of Knowledge of prevailing market rate.

In order to determine the prevailing market rate, it is important to have an understanding of the supply and demand in the marketplace.

Secondly, it can be gathered from the competitors market quotes and deal closure expectation figure amount.

Thirdly, prevailing market rate ca be gathered from Registrar office & land revenue records where we can find the latest circle rate or/and registration price at which parties have signed the deals.

Although rate might differ from location to location and land proximity to NH or State highway or direct access to road etc.